Landco Bac Ninh factory

The factory of Landco Corporation was built in 2007 covering in an area of nearly 30,000 m2 and with a modern and synchronized workshop system. We specialize in producing and supplying wall-mounted and loose furniture in a wide range of design styles in accordance with client requirements.

  • The production equipment system from developed countries (Italy, Austria, Germany, Turkey, etc.) with a qualified occupational hygiene environment is ensured by operating a modern dust extraction technology from Denmark and digital application systems in monitoring and production management.
  • An online management system solution allows clients to interact directly with their orders.
  • The factory has been comprehensively invested in terms of size, staff knowledge, and high technical-aesthetic skills in order to produce ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) products.

LandProduction strives to deliver a total solution for furniture production by combining adequate workshops for processing different materials in both technical and aesthetic aspects to build a flawless interior product.

Liên Hệ

Factory and showroom.


Address: Ba Huyen Street/Highway 38, Khac Niem District, Bac Ninh City

Phone: (+84 222) 3737 689

Fax: (+84 222) 3737 699

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