November 28 marks the day when the common roof – Landco Joint Stock Company was born. This year, it is the 18th anniversary of the Landco brothers and sisters who have accompanied each other on projects across the whole nation.

For 18 years, Landco employees sharpened their skills, accumulated resources and techniques with the aim of turning Landco into a top-of-mind interior manufacturer for Vietnamese.

For 18 years, Landco carefully chooses every opportunity to present itself and leaves an undeniable mark on the market. The works and products named Landco across the country are the most eloquent proof, the best communication tool, and also the reason for each of us proudly saying: “I am a member of Landco Corporation”. Each high-quality product delivered to Vietnamese consumers is imbued with the exertion and effort of each member from all positions in the company. 18 years is not too long, but it is enough to affirm the value of solidarity, perseverance, and iron will of Landco employees.

November 28, 2019 is a great day for Landco, marking 18 years of hard work of Landco’s members. We are proud of that!

The 18th anniversary of LANDCO’s establishment took place at the end of the year, although it is not a closing ceremony, it is still an opportunity for the Board of Directors to look back on the nearly the whole year of 2019 with various changes, hardships, and achievements that have been and will be achieved in 2019. To attain it, there must be silent sacrifices of all members, typically the officers, especially the site administrators who could not be there to celebrate with other members because they were still burdened with responsibility for the progress of the project. We are proud of that!

As a young man turning 18, Landco today is full of internal strength and experience to expand the scale, embrace technology and is ready to conquer the most difficult tasks set by the investors.

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