On January 6th, 2019, in Hanoi, the Vietnam Intellectual Property Association held the program “Closing and Certificate Awarding Ceremony of Vietnamese Leading Trademark – Vietnamese Gold Product, Gold Service 2018”. Overcoming thousands of attendance records of businesses across the country, Landco Joint Stock Company (Landco Corporation) was honored to be in the Top 50 Top Brands in Vietnam and Top 20 Gold Products and Services of Vietnam in 2018.

The “Vietnamese Top Brand” Award evaluates brands based on operating history, sustainable development, maintaining growth momentum, market coverage, and reputation of brands recognized by industry experts and customers, as well as revenue and social performance criteria. In addition, the “Vietnamese Gold Product and Gold Service” award considers factors such as customer satisfaction and product reputation, quality control process, application of science and technology, competition capabilities, and environmentally friendly attributes. Thereby the most accurate and objective evaluation of the prizes can be made.

To assess on the award of Top 50 Vietnam Top Brands and Top 20 Gold Products and Gold Services in Vietnam, the Organizing Committee has invited leading Vietnamese experts to evaluate many criteria including obligations to pay the state budget, contributions to the social community; especially the quality and production management system, enterprise resource management system, intellectual property activities as well as the prestige of Landco Corporation brand in the market, …

The representative of Landco Joint Stock Company said: “Landco always concentrates on investing in enhancing the brand’s reputation through constantly improving capacity and skills for employees, actively creating and applying science and technology to provide completed products with the best quality for customers. The recognition and admiration of customers as well as being honored as Top 50 Top Vietnamese Brands and Top 20 Gold Products and Services of Vietnam in 2018 are great encouragements for Landco Corporation to continue our efforts to bring value to the projects that the company performs, contributing to a better life in Vietnam”.

Since our inception, Landco Corporation has an early awareness of building the brand reputation as reliable. For each member of the company, branding must come from each small job in building the system to the company’s development orientation, from the quality of products and services to the recognition of customers.

One of the crucial attributes that help Landco Corporation make a special mark on customers’ minds and the community is our sustainable development goal. The company focuses on improving the production capacity and expertise of employees, investing in production equipment with modern technology, applying the quality management system ISO 9001: 2015, the human resources management system, and the enterprise resource management system SAP – ERP, which are the means to help us bring customers products with outstanding quality, high aesthetics, and optimal utilities.

In addition to traditional and modern products, one of Landco Corporation’s outstanding products and services is the image of the European classic interior style that has long been associated with the architecture, art, and culture of the French in Indochina, which are faithfully reproduced on our creations across regions of the country. Through completed projects, Landco has created true homes – the cozy homes, with the mindset of always accompanying our customers in building their dream house.

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