Not only gained accreditation from national awards and certificates, but Landco has also shown that the company has the ability to reach the international level.

Landco is a brand with 19 years of operation in the field of design, manufacture, and construction of interior and exterior. The continuous mindset of innovation and application of the most advanced technology to the production process has helped Landco’s management and operation system to achieve higher productivity. However, Landco still promoting a safe and effective working environment for all of our employees and simultaneously protecting the environment. As a result, we have passed rigorous evaluation from experts based on a multidimensional set of standards and was honored to receive the ISO 14001 international certification.

More specifically, ISO 14001 is part of a set of international standards related to an environmental management system that applies to all corporate organizations globally. This is a certificate built according to the principles: Plan – Do – Check – Act. In particular, the environmental aspects of the business organization, including methods to manage and improve the entire system, are identified, controlled, and monitored in ISO 14001: 2015. In addition, this standard also requires: Improving cost management through saving on input materials and energy sources; Minimize risks and arising obligations, thereby reducing insurance costs and creating a premise for domestic business licensing.

With this accreditation, we fully believe that investors and customers can put their trust in the Landco brand, in our products, services, and employees who are making relentless efforts to bring the best to Landco’s customers.

Landco is sincerely grateful for the trust of our customers for having been and will be, accompanying Landco on our development journey.

We will always try and make endless efforts to bring optimal solutions to you!

Best regards!

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