Landco Corporation celebrates twentieth anniversary

November 27, 2021 marks the twentieth anniversary of the establishment of the Company. The celebration program is organized and broadcast on a digital technology platform to each officer and employee of Landco Corporation.

Due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic as well as the implementation of the Government’s directive on epidemic prevention and control, the company’s Board of Directors, after many meetings to chose to organize the twentieth anniversary of the establishment of Landco Corporation via online. Although separated by a small screen, the emotional feelings when looking back on the long journey past as well as the enthusiasm when looking to the future are always spread to all employees. Landco member. Although the distance is far, it is also very close and warm.

Live stream celebrating the 20th anniversary of Landco Corporation

Twenty years is a journey that records many imprints of the formation and development of Landco Corporation. Starting with the original idea of a Landscape Architecture Center with the desire to bring nature to life. The 20th anniversary of Landco Corporation’s establishment is an important event, marking the breakthrough steps of the Company and all Landco employees and member units.

After more than 20 years of establishment and development, Landco Corporation has now become a large-scale enterprise, with 02 member brands: LandDecor, LandFurniture, 01 factory with a scale of 30,000m2 serving a variety of industries. type of project and furniture supplier across the country and become a reliable partner of many leading corporations and corporations in Vietnam such as: Viettel, Mobifone, EVN, FPT, Novaland, Doji, Bitexco, MIK Groups, … and more.

Twenty years we hone our skills, accumulated resources, and technology in the Furniture manufacturing industry with the goal of turning Landco Corporation into:

  • The leading interior finishing contractor in Vietnam and the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Leading in quality in the field of high-end furniture production in Vietnam and in the world

Twenty years has been a meaningful and emotional journey for Landco Corporation. At the ceremony, leaders of Landco Corporation gave speeches to share their feelings with messages filled with affection to all employees of the company. The leaders also affirmed that the great achievement of the 20-year-old Landco Corporation is the careful preparation to both face the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and well implement the plans set out. The 20-year-old Landco Corporation also shows the great determination of the Board of Directors and more than 500 employees to fulfill the business targets and take many new steps for major major projects.

Like a young man who crossed the threshold of 20 years old with ambitions and dreams, Landco Corporation today is full of internal resources and experience to expand its scale, embrace technology and is ready to conquer new goals and try New challenges to go faster and further on the road to conquering the market, conquering consumers, bringing the best and best products and services to consumers, worthy of the title of Made furniture. in Vietnam on the International market.

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