On November 28, Landco Corporation held a party marking 19 years of company establishment with the participation of numerous employees.

Looking back on a year with ups and downs, at a time when the whole world was suffering the heavy impacts of the Covid 19 pandemic and many companies went bankrupt, Landco’s Board of Directors still decided not to shrink production or cut labor costs. Landco is still persistent, enthusiastic in working with every project, taking every opportunity, and in the end, Landco has continuously achieved significant growth marks in terms of both economic and social activities. At Landco, all employees found love, solidarity, timely sharing, and encouragement. Landco’s leaders believe that: As long as Landco continues to move forward, no employees will be left behind.

At Landco, it is normal for all employees to cherish their ambitions, to dream of a cozy home and a bright future for their children, since they know they will achieve it as long as they work hard at Landco. Although 2020 is an extremely difficult year for businesses, this is the year when Landco employees made the most dream of buying a house to buy a car.

A difficult year but it is an opportunity for Landco to assert the solid foundation of our brand reputation in the market. Despite the raging epidemic, Landco still implements the schedule assigned by the Client with the best quality. Landco has always persisted with the goal of becoming the leading furniture manufacturer in Vietnam, the optimal interior choice for the Vietnamese.

Entering 19 years and towards the 20th anniversary of the company, Landco is now at the maturity of experience, technology, internal force, and the will to break all limits to become a leader in the furniture industry.

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